Pool Remodeling

Maybe the last time you were in your swimming pool you noticed the surface is not quite as smooth as it used to be. Over the years, plaster wears off and as a result sharp edges are exposed to create a sandpaper texture; that can cause harm on your  loved ones feet.

But there’s no need to worry an Ultimate Pool Remodel is just what the Doctor ordered to bring back that old and out dated pool.

Whether your looking to apply a traditional standard white plaster, or something more durable with natural pebble finish. Here at Sam’s Pool Plaster Pool we can do it! We anticipate and thrive ourselves to bring back happiness to your backyard. Simply contact us today for a free quote.




Step 1 – Turn off pool equipment and lock out any remotes.

Step 2 – Drain & lnstall weep holes in poolfloor; for safety purposes.

Step3 – Saw cut a line between existing tile & old plaster to insure separation.

Step 4 – Chisel off 6″ of plaster all the way around pool and spa’ check for hollow spots and remove any or all of the rotten plaster. A complete chipout might be required @ on odditional cost.

Step 5 – Acid wash existing surface and clean it for any dirt or debris.

Step 6 – Apply a scratch kote for bonding purposes.

Step 7 – Finally install new plaster & fill pool with water immediately after final troweling.

Step 8 – Once pool is filled Homeowners or Pool Builder should start brushing and adding adequate chemicals.

















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