Tile & Coping

Choosing the perfect Tile & Coping for your pool and finding the right company to install it can be a challenging process. We believe it’s essential that you know and feel comfortable with the contractor you hire to do the work. The tile and coping mason’s experience will be a direct reflection of the quality of your tile and coping installation. This where our 17 yrs of experience reflex the most.

There are several options for Tile & Coping: The 3 most common include….

Bull Nosed Brick – Is the Traditional and most durable material with low maintenance, easy cleaning, and non-rotting, but the darker colors can get very hot during the summer months. Pool coping bricks are formed with a bullnose that serves as a safety grip for swimmers and deflects waves and splashes back into the pool.





Flagstone – A natural stone with a variety of colors, versatility of uses, durability and beauty. It has a naturally non-slip surface which makes it an ideal material to use both indoor and outdoor.



travetineTravertine–  Has become a popular choice for pool owners in recent years. Its smooth touch and durability gives a natural and luxuries look. Its natural tones, variation, and voids are what make this type of stone so elegant. Most of the travertine pool copings and slate copings have matching pavers
We offer a wide variety of materials and textures with hundreds of tile and coping choices to choose from turning your pool area to the oasis you’ve always dreamed of.